Every one of our historic churches has a unique story to tell, explore your local church with crafting, creative, fun activities for all ages and abilities.

Come and explore

Shine a light on dark, dusty corners and delve into the hidden secrets of our buildings. Listen to your voice change as you move around – try singing from the pulpit or the choir stalls, lie on the floor and gaze at the ceilings, hunt for mysterious creatures. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Come and enjoy

We have a programme of family events running throughout the year, from crafts to conservation, Shakespeare to science and lots in between. Check out our What’s On page to see what’s happening near you.

Come and learn together

Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors. Our historic churches are time machines, where the whole family can be transported across millennia. Their walls have witnessed all aspects of human life - from birth, marriage, hopes and dreams to work, war and death. There’s more to explore than history alone!

Find out what’s happening in a church near you here.

Check out our online Resources here.


Meet Gizmo and Friends

We have created four short films to introduce our new children’s characters – Gizmo and friends. They are named after features found in our historic churches and three of our short films explore some of these features in more detail.

Introducing Gizmo the Gargoyle and Friends: Ogee the Owl, Cloisters the Cat, Spires the Spider, Belfry the Bat, and Mullion the Mouse. Find out a little more about their unusual names, all taken from features of church architecture!

Discover…Arches: Inspired by Ogee the Owl, find out a little more about arches, exploring examples from across CCT’s estate.

Discover…Belfries: Inspired by Belfry the Bat, find out a little more about belfries, exploring examples from across CCT’s estate.

Discover…Spires: Inspired by Spires the Spider, find out about spires, exploring examples from across CCT’s estate.


  • HOD's Resource Pack for Family Events

    Is there stained glass in your church? What is special, interesting or unusual about it? Which features could you highlight for your visitors to take a closer look at?

  • St George's Day Resources

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    Curriculum-based online learning resources for teachers and families.

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    Crafting, creative, fun activities for all ages and abilities.

  • Explore

    'Walk' inside a medieval parish church, explore its features and discover the hidden secrets of historic churches from home.

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    Trivia, games and quizzes to enjoy with friends or test your knowledge of English churches.