Every one of our historic churches has a unique story to tell.

Whether you're looking to bring the curriculum alive or creatively inspire learners, our churches are free to enter and open to all.

Churches are wonderful places to deliver many aspects of the curriculum and help learning to come alive in a practical and local context. They are great places to deliver art, (local) history, archaeology, science, maths, architecture and heritage conservation – to name a few! They also make great performance spaces.

Looking for a Helping Hand?

Our Heritage Learning Team can tailor bespoke activities to your needs and deliver them in your local historic church. We are also able to provide set activities in certain churches and at key times of the year. We have limited outreach availability, too! Get in touch to find out more.

Or a Helping Handbook?

We can also provide teachers with everything they need for self-led, informal visits. See our resources for more information. Please always contact us to book your church visit, so we can ensure the church is open and available.