Historic churches offer memorable learning experiences. (Photo credit: Andy Marshall)

Whether you're looking to bring the curriculum alive or creatively inspire learners, our expert team are here to help.

CCT's Heritage Learning team are currently offering an adapted Learning Programme in place of the usual school visits, with blended learning and digital workshops. We can also work with you to deliver Covid-secure sessions for your school as and when possible.

New St George and the Dragon resource for KS2

St George is famous as the patron saint of England. His feast day is celebrated on 23rd April. The image of St George vanquishing the dragon is a popular one, often found inside historic churches within stained glass, wall paintings and carvings.

CCT's ‘St George and the Dragon’ learning resource is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils and is a ‘Pick and Mix’, allowing you to choose content based on the time available and the needs of your class. Stunning images accompany relevant and concise information, alongside creative activities involving dragons and shields.

You can see an overview of the resource pack by clicking this link:

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Or, you can download the pack here:

Easter Primary STEM-based resource

Wildlife is a very common sight at historic churches, including hares and rabbits. These mammals can be found outside in churchyards and neighbouring fields but also inside, in beautiful carvings, stained glass, wall paintings and textiles.

This Easter resource is a ‘Pick and Mix’, allowing you to choose content based on the time available and the needs of your class.

To find out more about these fantastic creatures, their links with Easter and historic churches, please click on this link:

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To request the full resource pack as a file transfer, email: [email protected] 

Learning from historic churches

Churches are wonderful places to deliver many aspects of the curriculum and help learning to come alive in a practical and local context. They are great places to learn more about art, (local) history, archaeology, science, maths, architecture and heritage conservation – to name a few!

Looking for a Helping Hand?

Our Heritage Learning Team can tailor bespoke activities to your needs and deliver them in your local historic church or as outreach.

Or a Helping Handbook?

We can also provide teachers with everything they need for self-led, informal visits. See our teaching resources on this page for more information. Please always contact us to book your church visit, so we can ensure the church is open and available.