About us

The Churches Conservation Trust is the national charity saving historic churches at risk

We have saved over 350 buildings which attract almost 2 million visitors a year. Our unique collection of English parish churches includes irreplaceable examples of architecture, archaeology and art from 1,000 years of history. With our help and with your support they are kept open and in use – living once again at the heart of their communities.

The Trust is the operator of the third largest heritage estate in charitable ownership in the UK. We have an international, award-winning reputation in heritage conservation and regeneration. All of the churches in our collection are listed, mostly Grade I and II*, and some are Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Without our care and your support, the buildings we look after might have disappeared completely. Instead they are enjoyed as cultural, social, tourism and educational resources, kept open, in use and living once again in the heart of communities. All of our churches remain consecrated and are used for occasional worship.