Our Vision

A future for historic churches

We care for more than 350 churches vested in us by the Church Commissioners of the Church of England, repairing the damage from sometimes years of neglect, and working with local communities to bring them alive again. 

Our vision is for historic churches to be enjoyed by everyone as places of heritage, culture, spirituality and beauty and for the significant contribution they make to communities, society and the economy.

To achive this we need to engage and inspire individuals and communities so that together we can conserve, enjoy and promote our fine collection of historic churches.  Working with volunteers, visitors and donors we aim to create innovative partnerships to ensure our churches thrive.

The key is recognising what these buildings can contribute to modern life; whether as a heritage gem to discover during a walk in the country, a place to meet or learn, a cultural venue or a destination to visit as part of a day out. 

Importantly, our churches remain at heart complete. They all remain consecrated and available for occasional worship and their spirit, tranquility and sense of place remains intact. We are their guardians, charged with protecting 1,000 years of history, and keeping them open for people to use.

  • About us

    The Churches Conservation Trust is the national charity saving historic churches at risk

  • Our History

    Saving historic churches for over 50 years