Our Funding

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Whilst we increasingly rely on donations from individuals and members and trusts and foundations, the Government - through the Department for Culture Media and Sport - and the General Synod of the Church of England - via the Church Commissioners - continue to generously support our work by providing us with core funds.

Our statutory objective, as defined principally in section 44(4) of the Pastoral Measure 2011 is:

"the preservation in the interests of the nation and the Church of England, of the churches and parts of historic and archaeological interest of architectural quality vested in the Trust by this part, together with their contents so vested."

We currently care for 357 historic former parish churches, a number which increases by one or two each year. Our job is to keep them weathertight, secure and open to the public.

However, in October 2010 we learnt that our grant was to be reduced drastically, resulting in the loss to us of over half a million pounds – equivalent to the cost of opening all our churches to the public.

This is why as the number of churches in our care continue to climb steadily, we need more and more help from you to be able to continue our work.