HOD's Resource Pack for Family Events

Is there stained glass in your church? What is special, interesting or unusual about it? Which features could you highlight for your visitors to take a closer look at?

This Family Resource Pack supports the 2022 theme of 'Astounding Inventions' with a focus on the invention of stained glass and how it is used to decorate many of our historic churches, telling stories and filling them with colour and light.

Edit the poster and flyer templates to fit your own events and print the activity sheets so that your younger visitors can design their own stained glass. The pack also includes a risk assessment template, along with guidance on how to complete it, to help you plan and run a safe and successful family event.

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PDF page with text, click to download


Organiser Information



HODs 2022 A3 Poster, click to download

HODs 2022 A3 Poster


HODS 2022 A4 Poster, click to download

A4 Poster


HODS Leaflet PDF, click to download

A5 Leaflet


Astounding Inventions Stained Glass Windows pdf, click to download

Astounding Inventions - Stained Glass Windows


Stained Glass Window Templates PDF, click to download

Stained Glass Window Templates


Stained Glass Activity PDF, click to download

Stained Glass Activity PDF


Visitor Feedback Form PDF, click to download

Visitor Feedback Form PDF


Childrens Feedback Postcards, click to download

Childrens Feedback Postcards


Organiser Feedback

Organiser Feedback


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Family Risk Assessment Guidance, click to download

Family Risk Assessment Guidance


Child Supervision Notice, click to download

Child Supervision Notice


Risk Assessment Appendix, click to download

Risk Assessment Appendix