Heritage skills and training

We invest in, and promote, traditional craft skills training because it is essential for the future of heritage conservation.

Over the years CCT has developed strong working partnerships with expert heritage contractors and conservators, those whose workforce are knowledgeable and skilled to repair our wonderful collection. For a while now we have been conscious that this workforce is aging and few younger experienced men and women are following in their footsteps.

Where feasible we organise heritage skills training opportunities, many run in partnership with our excellent heritage contractors and conservators, as part of our larger conservation projects. We are committed to investing now in the skills we will need to keep our churches well looked after long into the future, decade after decade.

We like to work closely with other organisations to keep the heritage sector strong. Partner organisations that offer training opportunities are listed below:

  • Churches Conservation gives out small travel grants to young craftspeople at the start of their career. Find out more: churchesconservation.org
  • The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings organises a range of conservation courses and Fellowship. Find out more: spab.org.uk/education-training/