Meet Our Team: Marie Sellars, Heritage Learning Officer (West)

03 Jul 2020

In the coming weeks we look forward to introducing our team here at the CCT. We hope you will enjoy learning more about the scope and variety of the work that we do.

This week we caught up with Marie Sellars, Heritage Learning Officer for our West Region on her role at the CCT, most memorable experiences and her favourite CCT churches.

What is your role at CCT?  

I am one of four Heritage Learning Officers at CCT.  We devise and teach curriculum-based workshops for schools and run events and activities for visitors of every age and stage of life. The HLOs have also developed online resources which can be downloaded from the CCT’s website.

What was the most memorable thing to happen to you since starting at CCT?  

There has been quite a few, usually involving either a tower, a new discovery or going up some scaffolding. But, working with the conservators and a school to replace the East Window at Princetown, Devon with temporary ones made by pupils would be one…Our first ‘Clubbing in the Crypt’ event at St John on the Wall, Bristol would be another.  It was a daytime family event for all ages, with music and activities.  

What is your favourite detail found in a CCT church and where is it? 

I love the beauty and tranquillity of St Kenelm’s Church in Sapperton, Gloucestershire…As a John Piper fan, the clock-face at Chiselhampton in Oxfordshire which was painted by him. The graffiti room, in the tower at Wallingford.  The wall paintings at Cameley, Somerset, the multiple daisy wheels and sun dials scratched on the walls at Uphill in Somerset, the Crypt at St John on the Wall, Parracombe’s, Devon, interior.  I also should say that I am lucky to have one of the most unusual offices with a desk in a medieval tower and a long scenic walk to the kettle.