Protect and conserve

It is important to protect these paintings as works of art, but also as a last link to the way of life in a Medieval church.

The survival of these paintings is not only important as works of art, but also because they are the last insights that we have into how our predecessors would have seen and experienced the mystery of the Medieval church.

Here we take you through the challenges, techniques, ethics and conservation history of wallpaintings and how to care for them. 

Wallpainting conservation is a slow process, which requires patience as conservators deal with individual flakes and layers of paint at a time; therefore stabilising and conserving wallpaintings is costly.

For example, it can cost £1000 - £3000 to inspect, clean and conserve 1 meter square of wall, which is a lot more than most people realise - and we have a lot of wall space to look after. Therefore we are constantly looking for sponsorship and support to help us maintain our wallpaintings.