Peter Aiers begins as new Chief Executive

16 Oct 2017

We are delighted to announce that today Peter Aiers takes up the mantle of Chief Executive.

Peter’s love of historic churches and his dedication to sustaining their future is plain to see. He has been with CCT for the past ten years. During this time, he has been instrumental in delivering some of our most innovative projects, such as All Souls', Bolton and Quay Place, Ipswich. He is also the creator of Champing™, which has captured the imagination of people across the globe.

As well as his passion and innovation, Peter has an unrivalled insight into the challenges - and opportunities – that our parish churches face. "While CCT has successfully delivered major projects over the past decade, difficulties remain in raising the unrestricted income needed to fund essential repairs and maintenance of our ever-growing collection".

Of course, theft and vandalism of historic churches is a constant threat. This delays planned repairs and other churches suffer indirectly. However, Peter is adamant we will continue to open our churches and encourage more people to visit. This vigilance will protect our churches.

Other challenges are less tangible. Throughout his career, Peter has felt first-hand "how much historic churches mean to those who know them, but also that unless we, who love them, can explain why they are important, there is a danger that they will become increasingly irrelevant". Peter believes all of us who care for these precious pieces of the past have a duty to tell their story, to be their voice and to encourage them to be valued and used.

Peter recognises that our fantastic, dedicated network of volunteers and supporters are key to continuing and developing CCT’s work and dynamism. He believes that together we can secure the future of this great collection of churches, for everyone, forever.

We are all immensely excited and proud that Peter will lead CCT to its 50th anniversary and beyond. We wish him every success as Chief Executive.


Read the news of Peter's appointment in August here.