Community matters in Sunderland

Hendon - the ward in which Holy Trinity is located - is one of the country's most economically deprived areas.

Research suggests vulnerable people, such as young people, lone parents or those with disabilities or mental illness or their carers are particularly at risk of unemployment.

Holy Trinity viewed from the east end

Highlighted below is an overview of the issues in our community:

  • 31% are unemployed compared to 7.3% in Sunderland and 12% are claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance, in contrast with 5% in Sunderland and 4% in England.
  • Only 5.4% (16-74 year olds) hold a qualification of level 4/ 5 and 33.3% hold no qualification at all.
  • 56.8% of all households have no car/vehicle making access to services difficult.
  • The local area ranks as one of the most deprived for educational attainment.
  • Sunderland has the highest suicide rate in the UK and is far above the national average for depression.
  • 40% of people on Incapacity Benefit are on these benefits because of their mental health problems.

With Canny Space, we have the opportunity to provide a unique space in Hendon that helps respond to these challenges. We will work with local schools, provide access to culture through activities and outreach, and work with city-wide partners to encourage deeper engagement with how the city is developing.