Tales of Twilight & Cosmic Horror, Improvised theatre - St John on the Wall Crypt

St John on the Wall, Bristol
27th October 2018
£10 per ticket

The Unnamed Improv and Real Positive Poles are proud to present an enthralling experience in improvised theatre: two haunting shows set in the historic Crypt

Like death, every improvised show is completely unplanned and will happen only once. So, join us for a unique, unscripted horror experience the way it should be done: in a literal crypt.

The shows are:

Shadows over improv

A crypt; A dark underground place where sometimes bodies lay buried. Shadows Over Improv; a dark unscripted play where sometimes secrets lay buried, the knowledge of which may bring madness - if you're lucky! The Unnamed have been purveying improvised theatrical tales of cosmic horror since 2014 and tonight you will witness a story inspired by cult horror writer HP Lovecrcraft spontaneously unfold before your eyes. Just try to forget about those bodies.

After Dusk; Improvised Tales from The Twilight Zone

You walk into a theatre but find yourself in a crypt. There’s a show on but none of the actors know their lines, because this show hasn’t been written yet. Every night is opening night. A nightmare or a dream? Who’s to say? Up ahead there’s a sign. We take a turning through your imagination and arrive at your final destination: An improvised twist on cult classic The Twilight Zone.

**Please note that the Crypt has no toilet facilities of its own, however, we have arranged to share them with the nearby Quay Street Diner. They have a wonderful range of food and drink available so if you’re looking to get something to eat before the show or to have a drink afterwards we would highly recommend them!**

About Real Positive Poles @ The Crypt of St John

Real Positive Poles are a small, Bristol-based improvised theatre company specialising in science fiction shows. Currently, we run 2 shows: Spon Trek (an improvised Star Trek) and After Dusk (an improvised Twilight Zone). They frequently do shows around the city with other comedy and improv groups

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