Heritage Open Doors Weekend Trail - Clapton in Gordano & Valley

St Michael's Church, Clapton-in-Gordano, Somerset
7th September 2017 - 10th September 2017
10:00am until 5:00pm
free - donations welcome to the CCT

Come and join us for a magical trail across the Gordano Valley on Heritage Open Doors Weekend

As part of English Heritage Open Days we have designated a collection of venues in the Gordano Valley that are architecturally and historically significant to our local community. They are referred to as Gordano Open Days.

We have laid out a trail of several miles that takes our visitors through villages that are little changed from when they were agricultural societies in medieval times and through other parts of the community that were involved with the industrial revolution and with the more recent mechanized agricultural processes. We have structures that were influenced by the great inventors such as Isambard Brunel and Henry Bessemer and by architects such as Edward Gabriel. Our journey ends at the entrance to the Portishead Marina in what is now one of the fastest growing towns in Europe.

It is a pleasant journey starting with historic Portbury, passing through the idyllic Gordano Valley and then along the coast road that follows the shoreline of the Severn Estuary. Having the second highest tide fall in the world the Estuary surges in and out twice daily and over the years has carved scenic bays and inlets from the rugged and rocky coastline.

Sites along the way are accessible by automobile or by footpath and visitors can set their own pace or select the portions that are of personal interest. Maps will be provided explaining points of interest. We will be accommodating walking groups and cyclist and refreshment will be available at each stage.

There is a mixture of serene and peaceful churches and buildings that have been remodelled with the latest modern conveniences and that are very much alive and active. Knowledgeable guides will be on hand to explain the details and answer question. As many of the historic buildings we will be visiting have been converted into luxurious pubs and restaurants, the journey will be a very pleasant one indeed.

Download full details of the trail and participating sites here:

170819DC Gordano Open Days 2017 Program.pdf


Bill Shier
07802 615123

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