Bristol Rare Plants and Orchid Fair

St John on the Wall, Bristol
26th May 2024
11.00 am
St John on the Wall Bristol
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Cacti, Carnivorous plants and more congregate in a unique mediaeval church in Bristol

Come and join us at St John on the Wall in Bristol for the first Rare Plant & Orchid Fair since the Second World War.

Churches Conservation Trust is proud to host this special event in the lone survivor of the five churches built into Bristol’s medieval city walls.

St John on the Wall is a central location within easy walking distance from the main bus and train stations in Bristol.

Explore the fascinating upper church & crypt and at the same time, purchase a rare plant or two.

Local Bristol specialist nurseries as well as those from across the UK will arrive in Bristol City Centre on Sunday May 26th. 11am -5pm £2 entry 

Please help us conserve this beautiful mediaeval gem by supporting this special event.

The range of plants for sale will include rare aroids, carnivorous plants, orchids, staghorn ferns, begonias, cacti and more! There will be unusual plants rarely seen for display and sale, such as Heliamphora (rare carnivorous plants from South America). Plus, lots of miniature and terrarium plants too.

A selection of vendors can be found below. Please contact them to make pre-orders.

Spicesotic Plants (

Orchid Botanics (

Hewitt-Cooper Carnivorous Plants (

The Terrarium Hut (

Isle of Portland Orchids (Isle of Portland Orchids)

Gourd and Horse (

Real Escape Travel (

Rachel Whitty

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