Annual Appeal: Roofs at Risk

The Churches Conservation Trust cares for an outstanding collection of churches with national and international historic significance. Without continuous monitoring and maintenance, our roofs are at risk of deterioration, which ultimately compromises the use and enjoyment of the churches.

As a unique national charity, we look after a growing collection of church buildings of significant architectural, historical, cultural, and artistic importance; across which, the array of roof types is truly remarkable.

Many of the buildings in our stewardship are superb examples of heritage craft skills such as stone masonry, carpentry and traditional thatching. The protection of roofs is often one of the first steps that can ensure that the architectural fabric of churches is saved.

Making sure a roof is weatherproofed is arguably the most important way of preserving a church and its interiors from decay whilst saving thousands of pounds in the longer term. As is often the case, extreme weather conditions come with little warning and can cause unavoidable damage. Heritage crime also means that rapid, yet carefully considered, repair work is essential. Without your vital support, so much of the innovative care of our church roofs undertaken by the CCT would be unable to happen.

The continued care of historic church buildings is central to everything we do. Alongside empowering communities, the CCT, and its dedicated heritage partners, strive to lead the way in maintaining and repairing our church roofs across the country.

In the last year alone, we have been able to complete once-in-a-generation projects including the major roof repairs at St Peter’s Church in Sudbury, and Sound & Art at St Swithun’s Worcester, ensuring that these buildings continue to be used and inspire current and future generations. By donating towards this year’s Annual Appeal, you will contribute to our emergency and planned roof repair and intervention projects.

Donate towards our 2023 Annual Appeal today by clicking the below “DONATE NOW” button, or by calling our team on 0800 260 1463.