Alton Priors: All Saints' Urgent Roof Repair

Sadly, most of us will have heard about a case of lead theft: it happens all over the country and can cause a series of knock-on conservation issues.  At All Saint's, Alton Priors, thieves stripped the lead from the roof in 2015.  We immediately applied an emergency roof covering of plastic sheeting in order to keep the 12th century church as watertight as possible, and to allow local musical group 'Music for Awhile' to keep using the building.  This was alway going to be a temporary fix while we researched more permanent repair options.

We decided to undertake a medium term solution which made the church wind and watertight for the next five to ten years, giving us time to raise the significant funds for a permanent replacement of the roof.  A rubberoid roof membrane was laid over the damaged part of the roof, which is similar in colour to the old lead roof. It is therefore barely noticible from the ground, ensuring that the appearance of the historic church is as beautiful as it has always been.

Please help us to raise funds for a permanent roof replacement, in order to keep this wonderful building open to everyone for many years to come!

Lead theft has caused more than £8,000 of damage to the roof of All Saints' Church