Planning and Holding an Event Safely

We've put together a dowloadable guide, which contains all you need to know.

Holding an event in a CCT church is a great way to engage with the local community, raise funds for CCT or just have fun and enjoy the beautiful spaces that our churches provide.

Organising an event can be a lot of fun and sometimes completing paperwork can be seen as a chore but we also need to be sure that the event is run safely and isn’t spoiled by foreseeable accidents. This event planning kit is designed to help you plan a safe and enjoyable event.

In this event planning kit we are providing information for our volunteers and supporters on how to complete a risk assessment and to consider where somebody may suffer an injury or harm as a result of the event they plan to hold.

By following CCT’s procedures you will be satisfying our statutory responsibilities and meeting the requirements of our insurer.


All CCT churches are unique and so you will need to think about the specific circumstances of the event you want to hold. This event planning kit will help you to do this. It consists of five parts: 

Introduction - How to plan and hold an event safely.pdf Factsheet 1 - How to complete a Risk Assessment.pdf Template - Events Risk Assessment.docx Factsheet 2 - Preparing and serving refreshments at CCT events.pdf Factsheet 3 - Cleaning the church for your event.pdf Factsheet 4 - Emergency planning and fire safety.pdf


Additional resources:

Summary Hazard Identification List.pdf CCT Candle Policy.pdf CCT Cleaning Guidelines.pdf


These videos were created during the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of the content remains relevant, but please bear this in mind when accessing these resources. We will shortly update them.

Working Out How Many People Can Attend Your Event

Preparing for your event