Tim Fitzhigham as Will Kempe, Shakespeare's standup

Tim Fitzhigham as Will Kempe, Shakespeare's standup

Events in our churches

We have hundreds of fantastic events taking place all through the year in our churches, from live music to standup comedy, and from farmers markets to exhibitions.

Our churches are ideal venues for many different types of event - they often have wonderful acoustics and are full of atmosphere and presence.

You can find out about all the events taking place in our churches by browsing our events listings, or take a look at the 'Using our churches' section for information on hiring a church for your own use.

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Abseiling down the tower at Bridgnorth, St Leonard's






Our pick of the events in our churches over the coming weeks.

The highlights of the season

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Bilson Photo Haydn Festival Bridgnorth







We have hundreds of events taking place throughout the year. You can browse our event listing and filter it according to your interests.

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Using our churches

Filming Commander at Oseney Crescent, St Luke's







You can use our churches for many different types of events, from filming to services, and their beauty and unique atmosphere will definitely add a special touch.

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