St Peter's, Sudbury

St Peter's Church, Sudbury, Suffolk

St Peter’s sits at the heart of Sudbury, Suffolk, overlooking the town’s bustling market place. It currently hosts a series of music concerts, live performances and community events run by the Friends of St Peter’s, with regular pop-up cafes. It is the only venue in Sudbury where large events can be held. But the building is in need of urgent repairs and new facilities to make it sustainable for the future. St Peter’s also needs investment in a more diverse programme of activity to attract a wider range of local audiences and visitors.

In March 2018 we were delighted to secure initial project support from the Heritage Fund (HF), made possible by money raised from National Lottery players. The HF development grant will enable an expanded community and cultural activity programme to be held at St. Peter’s and the progression of designs to transform this much-loved local landmark. 

The £2.5m regeneration will deliver the following improvements:

•        A contemporary internal new build at the West end providing an improved draft lobby, a mezzanine floor, meeting and events area

•        The provision of toilets

•        An upgrade to the kitchen facilities

•        The opening of the south chancel

•        Improved gardens around the church

•        A new roof and other upgrades to the fabric of the building

Alongside these physical changes to the building, St Peter’s will also offer a wider programme of heritage and cultural activities. These are designed to appeal to residents of Sudbury and neighbouring areas, as well as to visitors to this lively market town.