Trust churches in Kent take part in a Solar Arts project

13 Jan 2012

Fitted only with a simple pinhole as a lens and a scrap of photographic paper inside as film, these tin can cameras have been fixed in many places throughout Kent, including the towers of five CCT churches, where they will stay for around 6 months. During that time the sun will burn it's path into the photographic paper, making an image like none other.

""There are many things challenges to overcome with this sort of project,"" says artist and photographer Dave Wise,""it's hard to know exactly where the cameras are pointed, and depending on what weather the can receives the images that result can differ immensly in style and colour. Another huge problem I've had in the past is the tin cans being removed and destroyed, and this is why it's so helpful to be able to place them high up on these Church towers, out of reach!""

The images will create the core of an exhibition to be held later in the year in Kent.

Our churches hosting the installations are 

St Mary's Church, Luddenham

St Mary's Church, Burham

St James' Church, Cooling

St Peter's Church, Sandwich