The bells are back - St Mary Magdalene, Croome Park

01 Jun 2011

For over 10 years these bells have remained silent due to some general wear and tear in their mechanics but on 30 May the bells were able to chime once more.

Watch and listen as the bells ring for the first time in over a decade!

Work began late in 2010 with the delivery of 6 good-quality, second-hand wheels kindly donated to the church to replace the current ones. It is the wheels that enable the bells to be swung and rung full circle. Unfortunately, it was quickly established that the wheels would simply not fit up the spiral staircase to the belfry. So the old decaying wheels have been mended in situ using parts of the newer, sounder wheels.

Jo Cross, Regional Development Officer explained: 'The 6 bells, originally cast in 1651 and 1652, form one of the oldest rings in the country. So it was with some excitement that we accepted the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association’s offer to restore the bells to working order.'

As Paul Smith, Bellringer commented:'The bells are such an important part of the Croome estate, it has been hugely satisfying to work on a project that has bought them back to life.'

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