Stolen brass floor plaques featured on BBC One

The plaques are 18in, or approximately half a metre long, and date back to 1539. They depict a local man and woman, thought to be William and Margaret Whetenhall.

They were removed from St Michael's Church, which is open every day for visitors to enjoy.

Although the plaques are worth only a few hundred pounds, they are irreplaceable artefacts and were much-loved by the community for their local significance.

Historian Philip Lawrence, who lives in the village, described their importance: ""The brass plates were a means of commemorating the dead. They were often done in brass as they lasted better than stone and you had to have reasonable means to afford one.

""They are unique and show people in the dress of the period. They won't have much financial value but they are important to the community.”

On Wednesday 3rd September the theft highlighted on BBC One’s ‘Street Patrol UK’.

If anyone has any information on the possible whereabouts of the plaques please contact police on 101. The crime reference number is YY/6028/13.