Revealing the new St John's, Leeds

28 Sep 2012

Despite dreadful weather conditions the evening was a tremendous success with around 100 guests and staff (including 15 CCT volunteers) enjoying the entertainment on offer.

Guests were greeted at the churchyard gates and escorted up to the church where they were welcomed to an evocatively lit St John’s.

After our Chairman, Loyd Grossman had officially opened the building with a suitably large key, guests mingled and strolled around the church, taking in the new visitor information panels highlighting some of the finest churches in the North region. The jazz band at the east end added to the relaxed atmosphere.

Our Chief Executive, Crispin Truman gave a welcoming address, followed by Loyd who gave a typically upbeat speech highlighting the Trusts close relationship with the city of Leeds and thanked Leeds City Council’s support. Responding, Councillor Mark Dobson, representing LCC at the event, underlined their commitment to raising the profile of the area and was plainly delighted both at the results of their investment in the landscaping of the churchyard and at the condition of the church.

The first short film of the evening portrayed a selection of the north region’s finest buildings and highlighted the gems in store for the visitor. This was followed by a film from Glassball, working with local communities in the Archway Project in Lincolnshire.

Graham White, Volunteering Officer, then illustrated how volunteers had successfully taken on the day-to-day running of Holy Trinity in York and two volunteers gave their slant on devoting their time, outlining their interests in the church.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening enjoyed by all. 

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