Remembering Kim

29 Jun 2023

It was with great sadness that the CCT learned of the passing of Kim Thompson former Volunteer Officer for Somerset, Dorset, Devon & Cornwall and friend of The Churches Conservation Trust. Our thoughts are with Kim’s family and loved ones.

Kim had such a passion for our ancient churches and their communities. She loved her job covering the four furthest south-westerly counties of the CCT and met and inspired so many of our volunteers. She had the vital role of aiding and inspiring people to look after their churches and organise events. In particular she was heavily involved with the installation of a new stained glass window at St Michael & All Angels’, Princetown,and the churchyard project at St George, Reforne, Portland.

Working as a journalist before the CCT, Kim’s literary passions found new avenues as she researched the connections of Thomas Hardy at Winterborne Tomson and William Barnes at Whitcombe and Winterborn Came and she left the CCT to further develop her creative writing.

We, along with everyone she worked with, were inspired by her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for these buildings and their communities. The legacy of her work, one in a long line of people who have cared for and cherished these buildings for hundreds of years, lives on in the stones and ancient walls of the buildings, as well as in our hearts with happy memories.

She loved nature and especially birds and we are planning a gathering to plant a tree and install nesting boxes at a CCT church in the Autumn with colleagues and volunteers. To join us, please email [email protected] to be sent details of the event.