New book: 'The Angel Roofs of East Anglia' by Michael Rimmer

The Churches Conservation Trust is delighted to welcome a new book The Angel Roofs of East Anglia: Unseen Masterpieces of the Middle Ages by Michael Rimmer, published by The Lutterworth Press to coincide with the reopening of St Nicholas' Chapel in King's Lynn.

The 142 page work takes readers on a detailed historical and photographic tour of many of East Anglia's finest medieval angel roofs through the medium of Michael Rimmer's full colour photographs. It shows the artistry and architecture of these inaccessible and little-studied medieval artworks in remarkable detail and clarity, explaining how they were made, who made them, and why.

As part of his project, the author was granted special access to St Nicholas' Chapel in King's Lynn during our year-long £2.7m regeneration works, gaining a unique perspective from high upon the vast scaffolding erected within it, and coming face-to-face with its wooden angels. The book features a foreword by Loyd Grossman Chairman of The Churches Conservation Trust, and Michael has kindly decided to donate his royalties to The Churches Conservation Trust, for which we are very grateful.

Crispin Truman, Chief Executive of The Churches Conservation Trust said:

""The Angel Roofs of East Anglia captures perfectly the sheer beauty and fun of this amazing feature of East Anglian churches. The angels tell us so much about the history not only of the churches that they adorn but the craftspeople who created them. The Churches Conservation Trust is enormously proud to look after some of the amazing places photographed in the book; I think that when people see what treasures exist on their doorsteps Angel Roofs will inspire a whole new generation to visit and enjoy this country's historic churches.""

For more information, and to buy the book, visit The Lutterworth Press website.