Medieval Misconceptions - Annual Lecture with Terry Jones

12 Oct 2011

Terry Jones has been championing a new understanding of the Middle Ages for many years. His message is that medieval society was sophisticated with a relatively technologically advanced intellectual elite. At the annual lecture Terry was able to demonstrate this in his inimitable style by using a series of anecdotes that were edged with Python humour. Most especially, he was keen to dispel the myth that medieval people thought the world was flat… which they evidently did not, and that our civilization is on a steady march of progress from barbarism to enlightenment.

 An audience of 150 was entertained and informed in equal measure – Terry has a very convivial presentation style and was able to get across quite conceptual and controversial ideas in a way that kept everyone in rapt attention from start to finish. The informal feedback afterwards was extremely positive and well worth the £20 per head price tag. 


Dr Ted Nield a member of the audience said

“I didn’t think that a lecture on mediaeval life could be quite that entertaining. Jones proved that history is much more fun when it isn’t bunk.”

The reception afterwards also provided an excellent informal opportunity for all present to get to know each other leading to connections of ideas and people that will further benefit the Trust. It was especially good to welcome several members of our Friends group from St Bartholomew’s Church Lower Basildon Berkshire who afterwards were in touch to say how much they enjoyed the event including meeting Loyd Grossman.

Loyd Grossman said

“We are so grateful to Terry for giving this fascinating lecture in support of the Trust, it was a most enjoyable and informative evening. We all learnt new things about the medieval world and the evening presented an opportunity for the Trust to reach new audiences.”