Learning at St John's Maddermarket, Norwich

Pupils from Norwich Free school recently used The Church of St John, Maddermarket as part of their Religious Studies 'celebration days'. The main focus for all year groups is 'The representations of God in different religions and cultures' and the workshops were split across four days, giving everyone a chance to visit the church and produce work in conjunction with it. 

Led by regional Heritage Learning Officer, Emily Barnes, activities were designed for each year group; reception pupils explored the church using the new CCT children's icon, 'Gizmo the Gargoyle' and discovered the building's special features, learning new vocab (font, pulpit, lecturn.)

Years 1 and 2 spent an entire day working on a range of different arts and crafts activities connected to the Gods in  Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity which later went on display at the church. Years 3 and 4 investigated the Greek and Roman historical Gods, identifying features and what makes them Gods before making their own versions and presenting them at the church. Years 5 and 6 discussed what a God is and produced songs, plays, speeches and posters about their thoughts which they also presented at the church.

Faye Andrews, RE Coordinator The Free School Norwich said: "For the second year running, a great time was had by all at the RE days organised in conjunction with the CCT. This year children from year 1 up to year 6 participated in a range of engaging activities focusing on Gods and Goddesses. These covered not only RE but also aspects of the Art and English Curriculums too. The programme was a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore the church, not only as a place of worship but also as an exhibition and performance space too."