Font returns home after 23 years

12 Apr 2011

Absent from the church for over 20 years, including a period at the Almonry Heritage Centre in Evesham, it now sits proudly back in the church for which it was designed. Whilst there is some evidence to suggest that its current fixed position may have been its original and historical position, research has shown that this intricately-carved mahogany font was in fact designed as movable item of furniture.

 Jo Cross our Regional Development Officer says: 'This is a great moment in the history of the church and we are thrilled that the font has returned home. The font completes the almost unaltered interior of this masterpiece of 18th-century architectural fantasy. We hope visitors will enjoy it for years to come.'

The font was designed by Robert Adam for the 6th Earl of Coventry, as was the rest of the church’s interior. The intricate carving was created by Sefferin Alken in 1763 at a cost of £11.14 shillings and he went on to produce many other carvings around Croome.

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