Bristol St Paul's wins Highly Commended at Hudson's Heritage Awards

29 Nov 2012

When St Paul's church came to the Trust it was on the Buildings at Risk Register and we carried out an extensive programme of repair and conservation. We have endeavoured to retain the historical and architectural significance of the church whilst also ensuring the financial sustainability of the building, which is in one of the most economically deprived areas of Bristol. 

An important element in making this happen has been the successful partnership with Circomedia, who we have worked with since 2005 to create a circus and physical drama training school centre. We have been successful in securing external funds for the programmes of conservation and adaptation and in 2012 carried out further investment in the building's infrastructure to the furtherance of making St Paul's a long-term commercial success.

Circomedia has become the largest circus and physical drama trainer in the UK and both their training programmes and their events and shows continue to attract large numbers of people, justifying our recent investment in the church.

Today the church won a High Commendation at the Hudson's Heritage Awards for commercial innovation. 

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