ALTERheritage comes to Manchester

CCT hosted a seminar on the topic of 'Extending the use of religious heritage sites' in Manchester last week.

20 European delegates, as well as a dozen representatives from the Regeneration Taskforce Advisory Group took part in the seminar which included a site visit to Bolton All Souls' Church as well as a day at Manchester Cathedral. 

On Thursday 13 March the Regeneration Team formally presented the projects that they have worked on over the past year including Sunderland Holy Trinity, Kings Lynn St. Nicholas' Chapel, and Benington All Saints.  The site visit to Bolton included a tour with the architects and building contractors, as well as the opportunity to meet with the All Souls project team.

On Friday 14 March delegates assembled at the conference centre of Manchester Cathedral to discuss the Regeneration Business Plan Toolkit, and to take part in a volunteering workshop led by the CCT North team. 

The seminar was part of the ALTERheritage programme, funded by the EU through the Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme, facilitated in the UK by Ecorys.  Six European partner organisations, led by the Future for Religious Heritage, will each host a seminar around their particular area of expertise to promote vocational learning in the religious heritage sector across Europe.