Why microvolunteering matters for The CCT

As today is Microvolunteering Day, I thought I would reflect on how much microvolunteering takes place within The Churches Conservation Trust. So many people love their historic churches and find all sorts of ways to support them. The examples are myriad: from holding the keys for the door, to cleaning the building every now and again, picking up litter, and simply talking to others about what the church building needs.

A helping hand...

I only recently heard of ‘microvolunteering’ as a concept, but I recognise it in many ways. It is being open to helping, where you can and when you can – a state of mind that requires awareness and care. That is why we see so much of it in The CCT. Whenever I visit the churches I always find evidence of microvolunteering and those small touches that show how people care.

I recently made a trip to St Mary’s church in Hardington – not an easy place to find and with very few people around it. But there was still care put into how the church was displayed. This had been done unseen and unacknowledged. This happens all the time, these little acts of care which improve how a church is presented.

A watchful eye...

In other cases, people step forward to inform us of a problem. The smallest of actions, like letting someone know about a leak in a church roof, can often have the most significant impact on our work. We have dealt with several instances where lead has been stolen from church roofs and we have been alerted by observant microvolunteering champions. By getting on the phone to us as soon as they notice something wrong, these people have ensured that we can attend to our churches before damage is caused through water ingress

A big thankyou...

This goes to show that microvolunteering is a crucial part of the success of The CCT. Which is not, of course, to undervalue all those who work with us more regularly and commit time and effort over a long period. These people include our Trustees, our area volunteers, those who run supporters groups at our churches and help on our advisory panels. Thank you to everyone who keeps these wonderful churches open and loved.

If you're interested in volunteering for The CCT, please visit our volunteering pages for more information.