Plan the Perfect Visit to a Historic Church

23 Jul 2017

Did you know that there are over 15,700 churches in England?

That’s a lot of places to choose from - a lot of history, art and countryside to explore. Thankfully, Church Tourism Week makes it a little easier to make that difficult decision of, Where to go?

This Church Tourism Week you’ll find over 50 events taking place in our historic churches across the county. With mouse-hunts, tile-making sessions, walking tours, ukulele concerts and cream teas there really is something for everyone.

But, the great thing about churches is that they are open to explore all year round. We look after a whopping 352 gorgeous old churches. 352 is a little less than 15,700, but there’s still a lot to choose from.

Rather handily, our website allows you to filter churches to find the perfect place for your adventure. You can search by location, to find what’s closest to you or you can search by feature, period or setting. So, if you’ve a penchant for the Perpendicular, if you’re wild about wall-paintings or bonkers for brasses, we can deliver something just to your liking.


Once you’ve decided where to go, it’s always best to plan your route. Nearly two thirds of our churches are in remote and rural spots, so even the whizziest Sat Nav can struggle to find them.

Having made the journey, arriving at a church – or any place actually – to find it shut, is a gigantic pain. Check the website for opening times or key-holder information, so you can be sure you can actually get inside!

There’s also a very useful Keyholder app. It shows which churches are open, which ones are locked and which ones have key-holders. It’s really quite clever as it allows you to add your own information and there are links to extra information about the church.

Before you go, be sure to charge your camera – you’ll never know what things you’ll discover and what photo opportunities might arise. If sketching’s your thing, then bring along your sketch-book and let yourself be inspired. It’s good to bring a torch too – sometimes the most interesting things are hidden in shady corners!

So, go on, what are you waiting for? Plan your next adventure!

We have 50 events happening across our churches this Church Tourism Week, what better excuse to put your new found planning skills to the test. Visit our What's On page to find your nearest event.