Get Cracking on Easter Crafts

07 Mar 2017

The days are getting warmer, the evenings are getting lighter… Spring is in the air!

With Easter around the corner, it’s time to get cracking with some eggciting craft activities.

These adorable egg hats are the perfect project for a rainy afternoon – quick to pull together and ideal for using up any leftover oddments of yarn.

Once you’ve made your hats, send them in to The Churches Conservation Trust and then join us for our great Easter Egg Hunt in our beautiful churches over the Easter weekend! Your knitted cosies will be keeping eggs warm in Holy Trinity Church York and St John the Evangelist Leeds, waiting to be discovered by eagle-eyed visitors from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

Beginner-friendly instructions for knitting and crochet are below. Don’t forget to share your efforts with us on Facebook and Twitter! You can post your completed egg hats to us at the address below, and join us for the hunt on 14th–17th April !

The Easter Egg Hunt
The Churches Conservation Trust
St John the Evangelist
Mark Lane



Knitted Egg Cosies


  • Size 4mm needles
  • DK wool


  1. Cast on 26 stitches.
  2. Work in 1×1 rib (kt1, p1) for 5cm.
  3. Knit 1 row.
  4. Pearl 1 row.
  5. Next row: kt1, kt2g, kt to last 3 stitches, kt2g, kt1 (24 stitches).
  6. Pearl 1 row.
  7. Next row: kt1, kt2g, kt to last 3 stitches, kt2g, kt1 (22 stitches).
  8. Pearl 1 row.
  9. Next row: k2tg to end (11 stitches).
  10. Keep the stitches on the needle, then cut enough yarn to thread back through the stitches to gather the hat at the top.
  11. Sew up the side and turn out the right way.


  1. Cut a piece of wool about 10cm long and lay it on a flat surface.
  2. Using a different piece of wool, wrap the yarn loosely around your index finger about 20 times.
  3. Remove the wool from your finger and lay it on the 10cm strand, as near to the centre as possible.
  4. Draw up the ends of the 10cm thread as if you were tying a shoelace, then knot it and cut off the ends.
  5. Style it into a pompom and sew it onto the top of your egg hat.

Full instructions here:

Crochet Egg Cosies


  • DK yarn
  • 4mm hook
  • Stitch marker
  • Adornments of your choice


  • Round 1: Make a slip knot and put onto hook, chain 2 and make 5 double crochets into 2nd chain from hook.
  • Round 2: Now you need to make 2 double crochets into each of your 5 stitches- (you'll have 10 stitches at the end of the round). Don't forget to use a stitch marker in the first stitch (or bit of coloured yarn) so you know where you started out.
  • Round 3: Next, make 1dc into the first stitch and 2dc into the next. Repeat around. You'll have 15 dc now.
  • Round 4: 1 dc in each stitch (15 dc in total)
  • Round 5: dc in next 2 stitches, 2dc in next stitch. Repeat around. (20 dc)
  • Round 6: dc in next 3 stitches, 2dc in next stitch. Repeat around. (25 dc)
  • Rounds 7-13: dc in each stitch around (25 dc)

Finish off, weave in ends.
Turn inside-put to display the ‘right’ side.

Now decorate however you like!

Full instructions and photos here: