A long history. New connections at a heart of the community. St Lawrence’s, Broughton

Since last summer, we have focused our fundraising efforts on our community work through our Annual Appeal, At the Heart of Communities. Always. Your support has allowed us to invest further in providing creative ways to deliver the school curriculum, welcoming vulnerable individuals to our safe spaces, and teaching new heritage craft skills to support career development for young people. We recognise that our buildings need to continue to be loved and enjoyed, and we will always keep people at the centre of our work, even as this appeal approaches its end.

In this video the community in Broughton talk with us about the importance of the St Lawrence’s church. Along with the school this church is an anchor in the community. We hear from Kim, Emily and Chris about what the church means to them and the value of its protection.

The Churches Conservation Trust is privileged to care for a wonderful collection of historical and architecturally significant churches. Through our work with communities, we know the emotional and social value these buildings bring to the public.

Our 2022/23 Annual Appeal is focused on ensuring that we are able to engage with new and diverse individuals and groups, drawing them into our shared passion for all that historic churches can offer. Donate towards our Annual Appeal today and support us in providing creative ways to deliver the school curriculum, welcome vulnerable individuals, and teach new skills to those who have few opportunities.