A clean sweep at Torbryan, Devon

04 Sep 2020

As the reopening of our churches continues it’s clear that while humans have been on lockdown the wildlife in our churches has been enjoying their uninterrupted free reign.

While some bird and bat droppings can often be part of the church crawling experience, the wildlife at Torbryan in Devon had definitely been busier than usual, and sadly the church and its fantastic interpretation was looking really mucky and not very welcoming for visitors.

Our Local Community Officer for Devon, Helen Booker, and James Routledge, Estate Officer, headed to Torbryan armed with brooms, dustpans and suitable PPE. After a good airing and a couple of hours of work (and many dustpans full of pigeon droppings, eggs and other  debris) the Church was looking (and smelling!) so much better.









Now that the Church has been spruced up it’s ready to start welcoming visitors again, and we're pleased that people will be able to enjoy visiting this beautiful Church once more, and seeing its incredible rood screen.