Ringing in the changes for our 50th birthday

17 Jan 2019

Our CEO, Peter Aiers, rings the changes in 2019 to mark our 50th birthday...

This year marks our 50th birthday and we are preparing to celebrate! For half a century we have saved and conserved historic church buildings that would otherwise have been lost forever. Since 1969 we have developed well beyond our initial purpose of merely saving the buildings; today our approach is to find new uses for the buildings that give them a fresh lease of life. This year we also launch our new strategy to better support communities who care for their historic church building.

Preparing for the future

Under our new strategy we will use our expert in-house knowledge to help communities look after their historic church for generations to come. While traditionally our focus was purely on the stone and mortar of the historic fabric, we have now grown to embrace all the skills necessary to keep historic church buildings in good fettle and full of activity. We know that the buildings come to life when people inhabit them, and this is why we also invest in teachers and community workers. We want these buildings to be thriving and active, open for another 50 years and far beyond.

At the heart of communities

I was in the tiny hamlet of Inglesham just before Christmas to experience a church filled with local people abuzz with the festive season and community spirit.  It really demonstrated to me – yet again – that these buildings are so important to the people who live nearby and beyond. With our support the church at Inglesham, a nationally significant piece of history, complete with seven centuries of priceless wall-paintings, will continue to stand, but with the passion and enthusiasm of the local community it has the opportunity to thrive and make new history.

These churches often come into our care unused and with crippling repair needs. We invest money, time and energy, to make the best use of the huge investment that communities have made in them for hundreds of years.

Join us in doing things differently

Our churches are cultural treasures that hold the stories of our past, but also places to meet, laugh, play and explore. They’re spaces to see a gig, fly the trapeze, watch live theatre, discover stories and travel through time.

Starting in April, we will showcase an event every week at one of our 353 churches. These events will be for all ages and all interests. To celebrate our 50th birthday we would love nothing more than for you to join us in making new history.