Victorian Christmas Activities in Preston Park

St Peter's Church, Preston Park, East Sussex
10th December 2023
Free Entry - Donations Welcome

a series of Victorian Christmas activities for all ages!

Victorian Christmas Activities at St Peter’s Church, Preston Park followed by a Christingle service at St John the Evangelist Church.

On Sunday 10th December (10:00-16:00) at St Peter's Church in Preston Park there will be a series of Victorian Christmas activities for all ages!

Come and learn about how many of our most beloved Christmas traditions come from the Victorian era. This event is free and open to all. There will be the opportunity to make Christmas crackers, learn more about the nativity story and explore the artwork in the church.

Please ensure to wrap up warm!

Immediately following the activities, the church of St John the Evangelist has invited all who are interested to a Christingle Service at their church. It's only a short walk from St. Peter's Church and you are welcome to walk over with our Heritage Learning Officer to warm up and see a traditional service that also has its roots in the Victorian Era!


Gaby Dryden

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