The Lachrimae Consort: Queen Elizabeth I - Her Music

Holy Trinity Church, York, North Yorkshire
20th October 2019
Doors at 15:30 for a 16:00 start
Adult: £7.00

Experience the joys of 16th century courtly music in a atmospheric historical setting

The Lachrimae Consort is a group of six early music specialists playing music for a unique combination of instruments very popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It was the very first time that music was specifically composed or arranged for a group of mixed types of instruments – bowed, blown and plucked.

Much music was especially composed for this combination of instruments, sometimes called “a broken consort”. The Consort was popular at court and in noble or rich households, and was a particular favourite of the Queen.

While Queen Elizabeth never dared to travel this far North on her Summer progresses, in this programme we hope to give a flavour of the entertainment she might have experienced, as she did in many great English houses. The music will be by eminent composers of the day including John Dowland, Thomas Morley, Richard Allison and Robert Johnson.

More information about the music and the Lachrimae Consort can be found at

“Six several instruments - the whole harmony conveyed in time, tune, and temper thus incomparably melodious” - A description of a broken consort performance at Kenilworth Castle, late 16th century

Ed van der Molen
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