The Deserted Village - Buslingthorpe

St Michael's Church, Buslingthorpe, Lincolnshire
7th May 2016 - 8th May 2016
11.00am - 4.00pm

Tours of a tiny church with some amazing memorials, in a deserted village

Located on the site of a deserted village, this tiny church contains some fascinating memorials. This special opening will have knowledgeable guides on site to explain the significance of all the memorials in this fascinating little church. 

Each year we participate in the West Lindsey Open Churches Festival. Take the time to visit our other churches located nearby, also taking part in the festival.

This annual event highlights the rich ecclesiastical heritage of the area. Situated in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, St Michael’s Church contains early memorials as well as those to the Ogle family from the nineteenth and twentieth century.


Dave Adgar
07733 108553

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