King Arthur comes to Stanstead Abbotts

St James' Church, Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire
23rd November 2019

Step back in time to the realm of King Arthur, with this atmospheric performance based on the fourteenth century 'Alliterative Morte Arthure'

It's Christmas at Carlisle and the Round Table is visited by emissaries from Rome, demanding that King Arthur pays tribute for his lands to Lucius, the Roman Emperor.

Furious, King Arthur sends the emissaries packing, saying the empire and any tributes belong to him. Now Arthur must set sail to assert his claims and strike out in the name of Britain against the predations of Rome...

King Arthur is based on the mediaval English masterpiece, the Alliterative Morte Arthure. It tells a tale of King Arthur which was first heard in Yorkshire in the first decade of the fourteenth century.

Brought alive by Michael Smith's new, authoritative and historically accurate translation of the original poem, it will open your eyes on a distant world of knighthood and chivalry.

The play will start your Christmas period in the most memorable way possible - in the realm of the Once and Future King!

The play is directed by Mike Ashman, who has directed at the Royal Opera House in London. Under his skilful direction, you will be transported back to the golden days of Arthurian chivalry. Read by three experienced narrators, Stuart Handysides, Michael Smith and Alex Young, the play will also be accompanied by the music of Jon Banks, a musical director of London's Globe Theatre.


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