Kings School of Magic MegaGame - Bolton

All Souls' Church, Bolton, Greater Manchester
25th March 2017
£19.75 via

Cast spells, brew potions, and solve puzzles as your team competes to win the coveted House Cup!

Kings School of Magic comes to All Souls on 25th March 2017, with a day-long event for people who like socialising, team work, solving puzzles and (of course) Harry Potter. The event is based in a wizarding world similar to that created by the great J.K. Rowling, only at Kings you’ll get to forge your own path. You can think of it of a team-based game where some elements of competition and co-operation will be needed as you vie for the House Cup.

What can I do?…
At our event you’ll get the chance to attend a magical lesson, learn and cast spells (upon who is your choice!), grow herbs, collect and brew potions, solve puzzles, explore and find all kinds of magical creatures which (if you’re skilled enough) you can tame and carry with you. Fancy being the master of a ferocious Hungarian Horntail and have your enemies tremble at the sight? Now you can! Oh, and you can gamble Gold at Wingotts Bank, or explore Diagon Alley and try some of our delicious Butterbroth!

What do I need to know…
Kings School of Magic is all about having fun and immersing yourself in the wizarding world at the fantastic venue of All Souls Bolton. Like any game there are rules to follow, but we’ve put a great deal of effort into ensuring those new to this type of event don’t have to worry about them. Sure, there is a detailed rule book for those very interested, as well as a quick leaflet guide for those vaguely interested, but everyone will be introduced to the different elements of the game during the first turn which acts as a tutorial.

Sign up as a team or as an individual, the choice is yours.

Before the day...
Now that you’re raring to go, it's time to make contact with your team. You will be given access to a social media space via a Facebook group. Your teams' email addresses will also be shared so you can make contact before the day. This will let you plan your strategy or game plan and decide who you will team up with (or against!). Discuss dressing the part…or not. Although it may be fun and add character to your team and to the the day, you are not required to dress up. It’s important that you feel comfortable on the day. Perhaps coordinate on colours to wear, or badges to pin on blazers.

The first day of school…
The day has come and you finally get to join in this awesome experience! Plan your journey to and from the event, starting at 10:00am until around 5:00pm. Registration from 9:30am.

*suitable for ages 14+*

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