Free Flora and Fauna Family Activities in Esher - 3rd April

St George's Church, Esher, Surrey
3rd April 2024

To celebrate the beginning of Spring and all the flowers returning, the Churches Conservation Trust will be hosting a series of plant-based family activities during the school holidays.

Come and learn about how the Tudors used herbs to flavour their food, treat their illnesses and even keep away bad spirits! There will be the opportunity to make your own herb bag, that you can take home to sweeten the smell of your sock drawer! 

How well do you know your spices? There will be a quiz where you have to use your nose to match the spice to its name and place of origin. Use your newfound knowledge to make a poster about your favourite spice.

Finally, there will be everything you need to create your own flower basket!

There will be something for all the family and we look forward to seeing you!

Gabrielle Dryden

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