Find Your Voice at St John's Maddermarket - Norwich

Church of St John Maddermarket, Norwich, Norfolk
25th July 2017
11:00 - 14:00
Free - donations welcome

Ever sat quietly in a church secretly wishing you could make some noise? Don't be shy- now is the time to Find Your Voice!

Pulpits can seem out of bounds for most people, and churches can sometimes feel like places where you have to whisper! This event provides an opportunity to turn that perception on its head and for visitors to get into the pulpit and have fun interacting with the church in a new way.

We’re inviting visitors to 'find their voice' in the pulpit at histopric St John's Church on Maddermarket in Norwich - and we've even provided some inspiration! For a rousing rhetorical tour-de-force, try orating Winston Churchill’s powerful “we shall fight on the beaches” speech. If you’re in a more peaceful and reflective mood, read aloud the famous biblical description of true love from 1 Corinthians. Or by all means bring along your own favourite extracts to perform.

We also have historical headgear and costumes available to help you get into the spirit of things!

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