Discover: Gorgeous Georgians! - Croome

Church of St Mary Magdalene, Croome D'Abitot, Worcestershire
31st May 2018
11 am to 3 pm
Free - donations welcome
Croome Park, Worcester
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Who do you love? Come and explore Georgians' passion for fashion, portraiture and discover a secret language!

Join us on this Gorgeous event. Learn about the Georgian love for miniature portraits and make your own to wear close to your heart.

  • Dress as a Gorgeous Georgian
  • Learn a Georgian language
  • Listen to Georgian sounds

Don't forget to take lots of Gorgeous selfies and share them with your friends!

Please, note, St Mary Magdalene is open whenever Croome Park is open - see the National Trust's Croome Park website for detailed opening times.

Lorna Hooper

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