Bristol’s Brilliant Archaeology

16th September 2023
11:00 > 16:00
Blaise Museum, Henbury Road, Bristol, BS10 7QS
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Bristol’s Brilliant Archaeology is back! A day full of activities for all budding archaeologists.

Discover how people in the past left their mark at two of our historic Bristol buildings, St John on the Wall and St Thomas the Martyr. Explore medieval writing materials and get creative with activities inspired by the marks that people made.

On the walls, floors and ceilings of St John on the Wall, one of the oldest buildings in Bristol, people like today, wanted to leave their mark. These date from the 14th century to the present day and can be found on the walls, ceilings, memorials and even in the graffiti in the archway. At St Thomas the Martyr Church, close to Bristol Bridge, was once the home to a rare Vulgate Bible, dating to the late 14th century or the 15th century, it is now housed at Bristol Archives.

Drop-in throughout the day, this activity is for 3 years and upwards.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information about Bristol’s Brilliant Archaeology, visit Bristol Museum's website: Bristol's Brilliant Archaeology | Bristol Museums.

Image credit: CCT / Andy Marshall

Marie Sellars

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