'Wind in the Willows' - Live Theatre at St. Mary the Virgin church, Fordwich

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Fordwich, Kent
19th August 2019
£12.50 per person
St. Peter and St. Paul Old Saxon Church, Albury, Guildford, Surrey. GU5 9BB
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Kenneth Grahame's famous story, brought to life for all the family

'Hang Spring Cleaning' cries Mole as he abandons this seasonal task for the call of the world above. And what a world he discovers! The River, The Wild Wood, and The Wide World beyond. Mole will experience adventure like never before!

Join him as he learns the joys and dangers of living outside of his hole and forages friendships with the logical Rat, formidable Badger, and who can forget the outrageous Toad of Toad Hall?

Closely adapted from the original and best-selling children's book by Kenneth Grahame and combined with traditonal folk music, this will delight children and adults alike this summer!

Running time - 1 hour, 15 minutes.

* This is a one-act performance, and there are no facilities at the church
07732 253311

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