'The Clumber Love Story’ - Markham Clinton

Milton Mausoleum, Newark, Nottinghamshire
11th September 2016
2.30pm - 4.00pm

Discover the intriguing and moving story behind the Milton Mausoleum

This special event sees Jane Roberts, author of 'The Clumber Love Story' deliver a talk on the events which led up to the building of Milton Mausoleum.

For over 20 years, Jane has written features for the local Talking Newspaper; & has had several articles in national magazines e.g. Best of British, This England, & History Today; She has written several children’s books (Coming Home, Face at the Window, Secrets, & The Boy and the Monkey). Her love of history is found in her non-fictional works Oil under Sherwood Forest; The Clumber Love Story; and The Hardwick Love Story.

‘The Clumber Love Story’ describes the events which led to the building of the Mausoleum. The 4th Duke of Newcastle was a sad and unhappy man until he met and married 18 year-old Georgiana in 1807. He took his bride to Clumber House, a fine mansion in Sherwood Forest. Tragically their idyllic marriage ended with her death at the age of 33. His thoughts and plans are recorded in the diaries he wrote at the time. The talk will begin at 2.30pm, with opportunities to visit the memorial chamber both before and after the lecture. 


Dave Adgar
07733 108553

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