St Wilfred's Church, Brougham, Cumbria

Brougham, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 2DE
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Currently closed for conservation and repair works. For further information please contact the Local Community Officer via email [email protected]
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Brougham, St Wilfrid was originally built as a chapel of ease for Brougham Hall.  The existing medieval chapel was entirely re-built by Lady Anne Clifford in 1658. The parish church at that time was Brougham, St Ninian, known locally as Ninekirks.  Since the 13th century Ninekirks has stood alone and isolated, after Robert de Vieuxpont, Baron of Westmoreland until his death in 1228, flattened the surrounding settlement to create a hunting ground known as Whinfell Park.

Lady Anne rebuilt and enlarged Ninekirks in 1660, its design is almost identical to St Wilfreds, the most notable difference a porch added in 1841.  Over the course of time St Wilfred's Chapel was used for most services and Ninekirks fell into disuse. Ninekirks was declared redundant and vested in the Trust in 1977.  Unlike St Wilfred’s, its interior is little altered and allows the visitor to appreciate Lady Anne’s vision for furnishing it.