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St Peter's Church
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Tucked around a corner on a small country lane sits a real gem in the care of Churches Conservation Trust; St Peter's Tickencote. 

The church is Norman, however the exterior mostly dates from a major rebuild by Miss Eliza Wingfield in 1792 following the 13th century nave falling into disrepair. 

The nave you see today is 18th century and was built on the original Norman foundations and great care was taken to copy as much as possible from the original 13th century Nave and Eliza did a fantastic job. The exterior east wall of the chancel includes original 13th century arcades and carvings below the windows, later work from the restoration is above the windows. 

Stepping inside St Peter's your eye is drawn to its most impressive feature; a splendid Norman arch. The arch was built between 1130-1150 and features six bands of intricate carvings including some fantastic beakheads. The arch leans out towards the nave and on one side has slipped down on one side due to the weight of the seven feet thick wall above the arch.  

Step into the chancel and look up and admire the incredibly rare sex-partite romanesque vaulting with a fine Norman boss.