St Peter's Church, Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire

Wolfhamcote, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8AR
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St Peter's Church, Wolfhamcote is currently closed while conservation works are undertaken. Please contact the Regional Office on 0117 929 1766 or [email protected] for further information.
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A church with a hard shell and a soft heart

This remote medieval church sprawls across its rough-tufted churchyard, the sole survivor of the lost village of Wolfhamcote that lies buried to the north. Close to the church are two abandoned railways and a flourishing canal. Its crooked windows, stout buttresses and multicoloured patchwork stone give it a tough, almost brutish appearance, but inside it is ordered and serene. Limewashed walls scatter light from huge windows on the church's treasures - a beautifully carved fourteenth-century screen, a Queen Anne Royal Arms, a Victorian Hood mausoleum and a collection of oak benches. The beamed roof of the chancel is a rustic marvel.